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Patricia Andrews

Founder / Artistic Director

In 1993, having lived and worked in Toronto and Hollywood for 12 years she returned here to attend Memorial University. While acting as the Artistic Director of The Basement Theatre of the Arts and Culture Centre in the mid nineties Patricia began teaching Acting Classes and Performance out of The Arts and Culture Centre. In 1995 she founded THE PERFORMING ARTS GROUP COMPANY which offers acting classes to young people and adults year round. THE PERFORMING ARTS GROUP produces up to 40 Barbara Barrett Theatre productions annually showcasing new talent of all ages and is often called upon by the film and television community in search of Actors.

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In February 2011 Patricia performed on the main stage of The Arts and Culture Centre in the award-winning stage production of Scorched. In April, Scorched was again presented in Grand Falls at The Provincial Drama Festival where it won many prestigious awards. Patricia was nominated for best actress in her role as Nawal along with two other actors who played the younger versions of the role. In July of 2011 Patricia performed the lead role in a feature film “Postal” directed by Tony Butt.

In November 2012 Patricia took a lead role of “Maggie” in the internationally acclaimed Brian Friel play “Dancing at Lughnasa. Produced on the main stage of The Arts and Culture Centre, produced by Beothuk Street players and directed by Clar Doyle

In March 2013 Patricia appeared on The Republic of Doyle, CBC Television.

In 2014, in addition to her summer Camp Hollywood musical theatre program - Patricia began collaborating with seasoned film makers (Roger Maunder of UpSkyDown Films; Mary Lewis; Ruth Lawrence; Michael Worthman; and Noel Harris) in offering Performing Arts Group Film Camps to young people interested in film making.

She is also an accomplished Makeup Artist / Hair Designer for film, television and Theatre. Some of her credits include : Cats , Beauty and The Beast, Peter Pan, Bedtime Stories, Scrooge, Anne of Green Gables.

Her most famous work of Art to date is her child “Monet”.


Recipient of The 2013 Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal

for her work with young people in the Performing Arts.


Nominated for Arts in Education award for 2010 & 2012

(NL Arts Council)


Nominated for Best Actress Award 2011

NL Drama Festival


Mark Genge

“Miss Patti, referred to affectionately by my daughter every Summer has helped her build confidence, enrich her life experience and have fun all along the way!“

Alison Stoodley

Adulting acting class with Patricia gave me confidence, helped me step out of my comfort zone and had me realize I was capable of so much more creatively than I had ever considered!

AnnMarie, Colin and Maria Bake

"Ms. Patti gives her students the gift of being themselves, along with a wonderful introduction and appreciation for the Arts Community. She greets each child with such happiness when they arrive for their acting class. Each child is special to her, and you can tell she loves to see them coming through the doors of the Arts and Culture Centre."

Beverly Best

“My daughter was a shy 7-year-old when she started with PAG. Now at 15 years old, she excels in Presentations and Public Speaking. Miss Patti’s guidance, encouragement and teaching skills made this possible. It is a place where everyone fits it. I am beyond grateful to Miss Patti for helping shape my daughter into a beautiful young woman.”

Debbie Picco Garland

"She encourages the children to do their best but also lets them know that it’s ok to miss or forget a line sometimes; and that they can always look to her for direction. This empowers them to keep going and want to succeed. She has the ability to make each child a unique star by encouraging them to bring their own uniqueness to the characters they play; and to bring their own voice to their audiences through their own monologues."


  • 125 Allandale Road, St.John's
  • 709-763-2281
  • mon-sat 11.00am - 6.00pm

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