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What we do

We are a performing arts group located in St.John's, Newfoundland. We offer a wide variety of performing arts classes, and encourage children and adults of all ages to become involved.

Our mission

Everyone is a Star. Original Scripts ensure all young performers get equal parts, equal stage time and lines.

Our goal

To immerse young artists into the world of entertainment, which in turn will promote team work, self-confidence and development in the performing arts.

Welcome to The Performing Arts Group

Acting classes for all ages help you find yourself on the stage

The Performing Arts Group was founded in 1995 by Patricia Andrews and offers acting classes to young people and adults year round. The Performing Arts Group produces up to 40 Barbara Barrett theatre productions annually showcasing new talent of all ages and is often called upon by film and television community in search of actors.

Acting Classes are held at The St. John's Arts and Culture Centre throughout the year and encourages Youth Mentorship.

Our Founder

What We Offer


Musical Theatre




Improv & Movement


Stage Makeup


Acting on Film


Acting on Stage


Method Technique


Auditioning for theatre & film


Discover the talent hidden in you! On the stage, behind the camera or in the spotlight! Our classes are designed to enhance self confidence, teach new skills but most of all to have FUN!

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What others are saying about us

Patricia is undoubtedly the reason that my seed of passion for performance grew into a career. I owe a lot to her. She helped me cultivate my own creative writing, and helped me realize the full narrative potential of some of my simple ideas. Her inspiration no doubt runs like roots through the artistic community across Canada and perhaps internationally. Now I am a Professional Actor working at The National Art Centre of Canada.

Jamie Mac

“Miss Patty taught me for many years of my child and young-adulthood, and I credit her for instilling in me the confidence I have today.”

Victoria Kiersten

Past Student

Mrs.Patricia Andrews is always so kind to her students. She encourages her students to do the things they say they can’t do. Her students say all the time she is so funny. All of her class believes in her for what she does for people in our world.

Julie Spurrell

Current Student (Age 8)

"Over the past decade, all our three children have been part of Camp Hollywood and The Performing Arts Group theatre classes with “Miss Patti”. Their theatre experiences with Patricia and her team have been truly transformative. By participating in PAG, they have gained poise and confidence, as well as a genuine appreciation of their individual talents. Patricia’s passion for theatre and working with children is truly infectious! It is clear that she gets to know each child on an individual level, and she has a very special ability to bring out their strengths. Our children have greatly benefited from their PAG experiences, and I highly recommend it to any parent."

Kerri—Lynn Parsons Roche


From a parent’s perspective, the most telling characteristic for me about her approach to teaching is the fact that each child, not only receives first-class performance instruction, but in this world of an over-serious, competitive approach to almost everything; Patricia lets them be children!! It’s about fun, it’s about building confidence, it’s about allowing mistakes and being themselves.

Tracey Hennessey


Patricia is such a warm, understanding and patient person. She excels in what she does and gives children confidence and encouragement that will last a lifetime. Their future endeavors in life will be made easier by Patty’s teaching and her idea of having fun in what you do, is so important. There is no pressure on the children to perform and she lets them be who they are …children. Even shy children show their “true colours” under Patty’s guidance.

Doreen Reid

Ciara Ivany’s mom